About Tidewater

tidewaterTidewater began as Raindance in 2013, with the inaugural book festival held in Richmond, BC, in November. It was the first book festival exclusively for independent and self-published authors in western Canada. In 2014, Raindance become Tidewater, but with the same purpose: to showcase  independent writers and aspiring authors, and to support excellence in self-publishing. This festival was held in November in Nanaimo, BC.

vl-logo-large-rgbThe inspiration for the festival and the Tidewater Independent Author Network came from the experience of the two Vivalogue Publishing principals, Lynn Duncan and Kilmeny Jane Denny, who have years of experience working with independent and self-published authors. Many first-time authors and aspiring writers are unfamiliar with the publishing industry, the pros and cons of existing options for authors considering non-trade publishing, and the requirements necessary to produce a professional-quality book. At existing book festivals, self-published authors (if they are allowed to participate at all) are frequently overshadowed by their trade-published peers. So the idea of creating a book festival with professional workshops exclusively for self-published and independent authors was born.

The Tidewater Book Festival for Independent Authors is a collaborative venture. Participating authors read and review their fellow authors’ books, providing valuable peer feedback that can be used by authors as a marketing tool to promote their work.


Email: info@tidewaterfestival.com
Telephone: 604-522-6222


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