Whistler Independent Book Awards featured in Quill & Quire

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The launch of the Whistler Independent Book Awards was featured by Quill & Quire in March. Lynn Duncan, director of Vivalogue Publishing was interviewed by the magazine. The full article can be read online (paid membership required), but here is an extract of the coverage.

Quill & Quire



First awards for Canadian self-published books to debut at Whistler Writers Festival

The inaugural Whistler Independent Book Awards, jointly produced by the Whistler Writing Society and publishing and editorial services company Vivalogue Publishing, will launch at the Whistler Writers Festival in Whistler, B.C. this fall. The awards are the first to recognize the country’s self-published authors, and offer a $500 prize each in the categories of fiction, non-fiction, crime fiction, and poetry. “Self-publishing has moved from what used to be called ‘vanity press’ to something increasingly recognized as a viable business decision,” says Lynn Duncan, Vivalogue’s Canadian co-founder and a member of the awards judging team. “Except there’s no way to differentiate books by people that are true professionals and have spent the time and money to craft a professional quality book, from books by the hobby author. There’s no way for consumers to know and there’s no incentive for self-published authors to invest the time.”

… Duncan is one of a three-person team that will determine longlists, after which the Vancouver branch of the Canadian Authors Association will select three finalists in each category.

…The team will also send a personalized evaluation for improvement to each author who doesn’t make the longlist. “One of the challenges for self-published authors is that they don’t get feedback. If you send us something that we don’t think is ready, we will tell you, ‘This is what we think is good and this is where you need to spend your effort.’ Because how are they going to find out otherwise?” Duncan says. “We hope there’s a lot of work ahead of us because we want to recognize authors putting out quality books and having a hard time getting them acknowledged or recognized because of a big sea of undifferentiated titles.”